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Vengeance is Mine!

Price: $3.06
Item Number: 978-0-9993202-3-5
Manufacturer Part No: 978-0-9993202-3-5
Pages: 306

Vengeance is Mine! picks Judith (Red) McKenna up living an idyllic existence as a "mommy who plays with computers." Her life is wrapped up in her two children, developing advanced technology with her husband Michael (Doc) Manchek, and working on research for her Ph.D. thesis with her best friend Cheryl (Bud) Thompson. But, when Bud is captured by pirates, then raped and tortured for three days, Red swears revenge on the pirate captain. While chasing him down, however, Red and Bud become trapped in a world of perversion, piracy, white slavery, addiction, smuggling, murder, and a drug war threatening to destroy the Mexican nation.