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Through the Looking Glass

Red3 Cover
Price: $3.85
Item Number: 978-0-9993202-2-8
Manufacturer Part No: 978-0-9993202-2-8
Pages: 385

The third installment in the Red McKenna series, Through the Looking Glass, finds Judith (Red) McKenna holed up in her Boston apartment, hiding out from papparazzi after inadvertently becoming rich and famous while solving her natural father's mysterious disappearance. She's having the time of her life working at her job as a telecommuting computer jock while fending off the amorous advances of her boss, who's also her best friend in the world.

Everything starts to change when Cheryl Thompson, Red's freshman roommate and former girlfriend, shows up at her door bright and early on a Tuesday morning. Soon, Red finds herself going undercover with a band of illegal salvage operators. At first, it's a lot of fun, living like a heroine in a Mickey Spillane mystery while enjoying fantastic sex with the gang's leader.

She finds she's in over her head, however, when she realizes her new lover is a paranoid homicidal psychopath with at least four murders to his credit. For the first time in her life, she feels panic when she realizes she's jeopardized her life, her freedom, her sanity, the lives of her friends and family, and her relationship with the real love of her life. Now, there's only one way out -- if she can just last long enough to make it!