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CGMbooks is the ONLY outlet where you can purchase mobile-optimized editions of novels by C.G. Masi. All are provided in PDF format.

Why PDF?
PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that captures all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image. Virtually every Internet-connected device on the Planet comes with software to display PDF files already installed. For that reason, we chose to provide novels in PDF format, rather than another proprietary ebook format, such as Amazon's Kindle.

Mobile Optimization
Mobile-optimized editions available through CGMbooks are laid out to be read on mobile devices (i.e., smart phones) in landscape orientation. Pages are set up as 5" (13 cm) wide and 11" (28 cm) high using 12 pt Times New Roman typeface. Experiments have shown that this layout is easy to read on these devices, while providing a normal pagination (approximately 270 words/page).

Downloading Your Purchase
Once you have completed your purchase on CGMbooks, you are entitled to download the PDF file once. The site automatically keeps track of your ebook file, and gives you a couple of options for downloading it to your mobile device. First, after completing your purchase, the site presents you with a confirmation page that includes a link to instantly download the file. If you somehow miss that opportunity, the site also automatically sends you an email (this is why we require you to provide an email address during customer signup) that includes a link to the confirmation page. This allows you to go back to download your PDF file later, or even through a different device! Of course, once you download your file to a device, the site won't allow you to download it again, so make sure you download to the device you wish to use as a reader.

About C.G. Masi
Multimedia artist, filmmaker, journalist, author, engineer, scientist, and teacher, C.G. Masi brings a unique perspective to all his creative endeavors. Masi has advanced degrees in astrophysics and business administration, with hundreds of published articles in magazines as diverse as American Iron and Review of Scientific Instruments. He writes adventure/mystery novels having multi-layered plots with unconventional characters who apply intelligence, understanding of historical and social issues, and mastery of high technology to resolve the situations they confront. As an award-winning magazine editor, he has been involved in launches of four successful magazines. He has written seven novels, a collection of short stories entitled Shakedown Blues, and his non-fiction book, How to Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop, is in its third edition. His short film, Bonnie Pureheart and the Golden Ghost has been nominated for awards in several film festivals. As a private pilot, he has over 150 hours in small aircraft, including complex, high performance, and aerobatic monoplanes and biplanes, as well as helicopter experience. He has over 40 hours experience piloting RC model aircraft and is a licensed drone pilot.